Why blog? A short reflection on why I do write on the internet.

I normally post poetry here, not this sort of essay. In any case, as the subtitle of this site states, the poems are reflections about life and learning to live in this world. So, in a sense, this post does not deviate much of the main purpose of the site.

There are many internet pages delving into blogging, its pros, cons, hows and whys. I often feel interested in this sort of writing, as it gives perspective and I enjoy reading other peoples thoughts about things that matter to me. Today I experienced a completely different level of enjoyment though because I found Deborah Brasket’s wonderful post Touching & Being Touched, Why We Blog.

Deborah beautifully hits the nail on the head about what blogging means to me: to influence and let oneself be influenced by others. This is the essence of what true human interaction means to me, namely to mutually touch and enrich ourselves, intellectually and spiritually. True, lucky people like yours truly may also find this in the normal life outside the internet, but I believe that blogging adds another perspective and depth. There is no better or worse from my viewpoint, as I take them for complementary experiences.

Deborah’s post reminded me of some notes I scratched on one of my little dog-eared notebooks a few years ago, by the time I started these internet adventures. These notes are nothing nearly as profound as Deborah’s post, but reflect what I had in mind when I started these travels. I went back to them and found them still valid, well over five years after being jotted down on low-tech paper! I felt somehow happy and thought that there is some value in sharing these to you, so here is my humble perspective on blogging:

I write a blog because …
… I derive a lot of fun doing it
… I exercise and develop my creative writing
… I share my thoughts about the subjects I am interested in
… I expose my thoughts to people who may challenge them (a positive thing!)
… I connect to people that share those interests
… I contribute to a hopefully illuminating dialogue

I aim to (in order of priority) …
… post rich and meaningful ideas (most important)
… post beautiful texts (more often a wish, rather than a reality)
… post often (less important)

I will stop blogging when …
… I do not longer enjoy it
… I realize the time has come to move on to other things

I find writing very rewarding, and count writing this blog among a handful of things that can make a bad day bearable and a good day radiant. Some years ago I told you why I started doing this, now I said a bit more and added why I could possibly stop doing it some day.

What about you? Why do you blog?

Marcus Antoninus


Two years of sunshine

Dear readers, fellow poets, philosophers and lovers of life,

Today marks the second anniversary of Sunshine upon my inner garden. This post is a little celebration of that milestone.

This adventure got started after the realisation that it was worth to share thoughts and reflections, both mine and by those poets I admire, instead of just keeping them buried in my notebooks. After very long hesitation, I finally started one good day by posting my top favourite poem, “Returning to live in the country“, by T’ao Yuan-Ming. That was the first step along a joyful path that continues until this day, and that has no end in sight.

Writing this blog has since the start been a source of immense joy and pleasure. From the implicit gratification of posting poems and pictures, to the invaluable experience of exchanging insights and inspiration with you, the myriad of sensitive, wise and intelligent humans from all around the world. To all of you, a big thank you, for your poetry, your art, your kindness and attention. I am looking forward to continue reading you all here, sharing thoughts and insights and, hopefully, mutually illuminating our paths through life.

May the gentle Sun shine upon your gardens!

Marcus Antoninus