Ultimate wish

content with the bare essentials
wanting nothing beyond enough
in this my only life
I chose to spend my days with joy
working without pretension
to bequeath a better world
is since long my one and only goal
and when that last day comes,
Mother Nature,
I will yield to your timely call
and at once without looking back
I will gladly return to you.

Marcus Antoninus


Morning prayer (V)

Oh joyful Sun!
let your tranquil warmth
inspire me today
to remain calm
mindful and aware
of those lofty thoughts
those deep insights
born and raised
out of inner peace
and earnest reflection
so deep, so true
but so fragile and volatile
dear Sun inspire me
to keep them by my side
when I need them most
in the daily grind of life
in the midst of works and toil.

Marcus Antoninus

Sowing the good seeds

such is the wonder of life
that wherever we are
in whatever we do
whatever we plant will grow
whatever we give will come back
nor matter if good or bad!
think then twice in calm
before both speech and act
that we harvest what we sow
and there is often no way back

Marcus Antoninus


Never forget,
how important it is
to often set time aside
to imagine and envision,
to dream and express,
your purpose, and mission,
and then spending your days
working to realize your vision
lest your time runs out
without you blooming in full
oh! dear, what a loss if you die
with your colors still inside.

Marcus Antoninus

Childhood dreams

dreams of my childhood
light of my life,
secret jewels and joyful spirits!
at once silly,
nostalgic and uplifting,
sometimes retracted
but never gone for long
and always transcending
a harsh reality
and a world
not entirely lost.

Marcus Antoninus

Paradise on Earth

There is a remote realm,
where a secluded path,
leads to a quiet place
deep, deep into
a virgin forest’s green.

Right where a clear stream
pours into a silent pond,
among bees, berries and birds,
some healthy food slowly grows
within a rich and sunny plot.

A modest hut there stands
with just one room,
a floor of stone and wood.
And under its thatched roof,
a table, pens, some paper and books.

Good friends always find their way
to sit and rest around a fire place,
sharing cups of tea, and the occasional wine,
for a lifetime of poetry and reflection,
under the Sun, the Moon and mantle of stars.

Marcus Antoninus