vision clear as lake ice
purpose strong as old oaks
like the Sun at midday
I spent my days with joy

working to make a difference
simple in means, rich in ends
I forgot the self and embraced the whole
pledging allegiance to Earth

what else can I crave?

Marcus Antoninus


Farewell old sails

at dusk
on unwelcoming shores
I land
alone but hopeful

behind me
old ships do not burn
they just sail
silently away

I am here to stay

Marcus Antoninus

What I know, and must not forget

When I remain calm
confusion dissipates and existence becomes a dance.
When I remain silent
noise ceases and the sounds of Nature become manifest.
When I remain content
desires vanish and what there is becomes sufficient.
When I practice moderation
words cause no pain and harmony is not disturbed.
When I remain aware
surprises become stones and life just flows around them.
When I remain engaged
the Sun shines and I am up to the circumstances.

Marcus Antoninus

Over my shadows

to slowly grow
stepping over my faults
smoothing my rough spots
grain by grain
and then one day
finding myself a top
with just a few shadows
is lively dreaming of
that quiet glow
that humble pride
the silent but potent wealth
that only comes
out of a daring vision
and deliberate work
a deep and true love
like a gentle Sun
shining upon my inner garden

Marcus Antoninus


remember who we were
when philosophy wasn’t our guide
do not be ashamed but reflect and decide
becoming who we want to be now
setting sail on that bold course
keep spirit, body and mind at work
growing them strong, flexible and free
rich in options the world becomes
nurturing the inner trinity sane
silence, enough and calm, faithful tools
on Earth no storms, winds or waves
can hamper us from becoming sages

Marcus Antoninus
Inspired by Epictetus, in deep gratitude to his pupil Arrian for having compiled the “manual” with the essential teachings of the master.

Finding a vision

among the profusion of stars
there are a precious few
that without pretense or delight
guide my way through the night
the humble mission to care
the noble task to provide
the lofty goal of an understanding mind
while holding them close to my heart
I no longer fear the dark
sailing away with renewed strength
amidst long sought inner peace and calm

Marcus Antoninus