Ultimate wish

content with the bare essentials
wanting nothing beyond enough
in this my only life
I chose to spend my days with joy
working without pretension
to bequeath a better world
is since long my one and only goal
and when that last day comes,
Mother Nature,
I will yield to your timely call
and at once without looking back
I will gladly return to you.

Marcus Antoninus


Ancient dreams, present joys

How many noble dreams have been dreamed
by so many noble people long ago gone?
Wise and deep souls of all eras,
Where do your thoughts and high hopes live today?
Whenever I get lost in my inner labyrinths
snared in weeds that I failed to uproot
I gaze up to the sky and feel the wind
grass and trees tell me whispers
in their graceful dance
invoking the magic
of every culture bottomless depths
murmuring that somehow among us
all heritages are still alive
continually transformed
flowing and growing
wisdoms of the ages passing along
over the abyss of time
assuming different forms and kinds
and slowly distilling truths
that no one alone could envision before.
And then at last
in recovering my inner peace,
I do not fear death or distance anymore,
since knowing that the breath of my mind
will somehow live on beyond me
in bequeathing my deep love
the nectar of my best thoughts and deeds
will somehow enrich the future world
and pass a little treasure on.

Marcus Antoninus

Sowing the good seeds

such is the wonder of life
that wherever we are
in whatever we do
whatever we plant will grow
whatever we give will come back
nor matter if good or bad!
think then twice in calm
before both speech and act
that we harvest what we sow
and there is often no way back

Marcus Antoninus

Passion awakening

Knowing the clamor,
the warmth and bliss
of that creative passion
that knows not of exhaustion
barriers, distractions,
or any other needs
although long absent
when at last arrived
I welcomed it back
and made it mine at once
meaning everything now
to write down my thoughts
for what I am worth
for Nature at large
for my fellow humans
for my family
and for me.
Back at work,
back on track,

Marcus Antoninus


There is something tangible
in the impermanence of clouds.
In passing their fleeting lives,
in every gracious move,
in every swirl under the Sun,
I imagine the wisdom,
the serenity and joy,
of a deep understanding,
of that long perspective,
from some vantage point,
extending beyond the noise,
far away,
in space
and time.

Marcus Antoninus


vision clear as lake ice
purpose strong as old oaks
like the Sun at midday
I spent my days with joy

working to make a difference
simple in means, rich in ends
I forgot the self and embraced the whole
pledging allegiance to Earth

what else can I crave?

Marcus Antoninus