Ultimate wish


content with the bare essentials
wanting nothing beyond enough
in this my only life
I chose to spend my days with joy
working without pretension
to bequeath a better world
is since long my one and only goal
and when that last day comes,
Mother Nature,
I will yield to your timely call
and at once without looking back
I will gladly return to you.

Marcus Antoninus

Winter serenity


Winter came early without warning
As I moved to this new place
My present is not what I planned long ago
Life always beautiful but sometimes absurd
Why worry about what the future might bring?
I just keep sowing the wise seeds
Trusting the generosity of Nature
Her ways I follow and observe
How could She ever dissapoint me?

Marcus Antoninus

Morning prayer (III)


A new day dawns
in this one,
my only life.

In everything I do,
with everyone I meet,
I will calmly shine,
sharing joy and warmth,
making no difference
like the Sun
in a clear day.

I’ll be like the Sun,
turning my life’s skies
deeply clear and blue,

Marcus Antoninus

Morning prayer (II)


a new day dawns
in this one, my only life
a treasure, a golden chance
not to let pass
to stretch out my arms
towards that realm
of philosophy and light
learning to live
to love and enjoy
in harmony and peace
with myself and the world
along this path to wisdom
under this joyful Sun

Marcus Antoninus

Long walks


ah, these long walks
simple balsam of life
cherished moments of my days
when just with my two legs
in the silence of the woods
and following my mood
in lively discussion
or empty contemplation
a thousand thoughts I sort out
rendering my mind clean
and inviting in
that tiny dose of peace
without which
life wouldn’t be as meaningful

Marcus Antoninus