Hermit heart

For as long as I remember
I have been a path-seeking,
out-of-place and often weird,
hermit-like introvert.
Forced to socialize by convention,
but by nature drawn to contemplation,
I enjoyed the charms of conversation,
but mostly thrived in thought and reflection.
Only after half a life of maturation
did I find at last a balance
between duty to my fellows
and that innermost need
for silence and solitude.

Marcus Antoninus


Return to the pulse

the wind blows over the Earth
riding waves of golden grass
lone corner of the planet
I feel your pulse
genuine and true
I am bound to return

Marcus Antoninus


vision clear as lake ice
purpose strong as old oaks
like the Sun at midday
I spent my days with joy

working to make a difference
simple in means, rich in ends
I forgot the self and embraced the whole
pledging allegiance to Earth

what else can I crave?

Marcus Antoninus

Rain at dawn

high latitudes
bring short summer nights
very early at dawn
pouring rain wakes me up
drops splashing sharp
crisp voices all around
reminding me at once
never to let pass
this clean slate
this new chance
to grow out of failures
and embrace the joy
the fortune of being alive

Marcus Antoninus