Choosing my fight


I am not worried when an insane despot is voted to presidency
but I am rather unsettled by the mentality of those who gave him the votes

I am not worried that egoistic Machiavellian types so often get to the top
but I am rather enraged by the culture that engenders and encourages them to do so

I am not worried to pay with my money a few indifferent soulless civil servants
but I rather feel sorry for them for choosing such an empty existence

I am not worried to see so many uncaring people that are blind to injustice
but I am rather dismayed when those who say they care cowardly choose to do nothing

I am not worried about the Earth because I know that life will exist after this humanity
but I am rather already nostalgic for those unborn who will never see Nature in full

I am not worried that I might someday be ridiculed and victimized
because I chose to abide by my values, and live a life full of reason, compassion and joy.

And I am determined to continue doing so.

Marcus Antoninus



idiots are those who never learn
how then shall I call myself?
who, convinced I have learned,
behave like a fool every now and then?

remaining aware and awake in the grind of life
is by all means not my special trait
oh! how should I keep myself focused and steadfast!
persevering on that wise and golden path?

Marcus Antoninus

Moving towards the light


dodging the clouds
obscuring my view of the Sun
or those whimsical gusts
that might catch me by surprise
are not a simple matter perhaps
but they do not compare at all
with the utmost task
of growing out of my faults
of gracefully deflecting attacks
not allowing externals to murk
the transparency of my mind
in my lifelong march
towards the light

Marcus Antoninus

One more reminder to the self


Never forget
that in everything you do
however you might feel
you are beacon and light
a link in a chain
longer than yourself
binding generations
passing on cultures
histories and heritages
for them that need them now
to grow and develop
and then one day become
worthy spirits of this Earth
never regret
never abdicate
this sacred burden
this never ending work
the big wheels turn
the rivers flow
this is your task
your reason
your joy.

Marcus Antoninus



Waking up
after yet another
bad night
wet eyelids shut
aching red eyes
stunned and paralyzed
by the dimmest lights
weeks and weeks go on
sickness won’t pause
a permanent mist in my eyes
can’t read, can’t write
can’t paint or photograph
for this poet of sorts
conjunctivitis is hell
a trial for the will
a step in my apprenticeship
of old-fashioned stoicism.

Marcus Antoninus

Summits of the spirit


In aiming for glamorous summits
many have died, others lost limbs
but many more have succumbed
to their outrageous ego and greed!
How relieved I then feel
that early on I set myself the goal
to be in this world for the long haul
seeking not fame or fortune
but inner peace full of purpose
for a love that lasts and transcends
the greatest achievement
someone alive can ever make
that elusive conquest of the self
the golden harvest of the spirit.

Marcus Antoninus

Root of all failures


Although I somehow guessed it before
it never so clearly dawned on me
that behind most troubles and failures
every stagnation and depression
there is always the same key reason,
natural, petty and utterly harmful,
a nasty, poor and coward human condition
lurking in our depths
when there is no inspiration
to find meaningful change
all failures are nothing
but plain and simple
failures of imagination.

Marcus Antoninus