Morning prayer (VI)

Joyful Sun,
already high in the sky
let your light and warmth
inspire me today
to care and bear fruit
to let pass and forgive
to only act and manifest
out of a deliberate attitude
rooted in deep reflection
and a heart of love
that remains calm,
positive and wise.

Marcus Antoninus


One more reminder to the self


Never forget
that in everything you do
however you might feel
you are beacon and light
a link in a chain
longer than yourself
binding generations
passing on cultures
histories and heritages
for them that need them now
to grow and develop
and then one day become
worthy spirits of this Earth
never regret
never abdicate
this sacred burden
this never ending work
the big wheels turn
the rivers flow
this is your task
your reason
your joy.

Marcus Antoninus

Ancient dreams, present joys


How many noble dreams have been dreamed
by so many noble people long ago gone?
Wise and deep souls of all eras,
Where do your thoughts and high hopes live today?
Whenever I get lost in my inner labyrinths
snared in weeds that I failed to uproot
I gaze up to the sky and feel the wind
grass and trees tell me whispers
in their graceful dance
invoking the magic
of every culture bottomless depths
murmuring that somehow among us
all heritages are still alive
continually transformed
flowing and growing
wisdoms of the ages passing along
over the abyss of time
assuming different forms and kinds
and slowly distilling truths
that no one alone could envision before.
And then at last
in recovering my inner peace,
I do not fear death or distance anymore,
since knowing that the breath of my mind
will somehow live on beyond me
in bequeathing my deep love
the nectar of my best thoughts and deeds
will somehow enrich the future world
and pass a little treasure on.

Marcus Antoninus

Root of all failures


Although I somehow guessed it before
it never so clearly dawned on me
that behind most troubles and failures
every stagnation and depression
there is always the same key reason,
natural, petty and utterly harmful,
a nasty, poor and coward human condition
lurking in our depths
when there is no inspiration
to find meaningful change
all failures are nothing
but plain and simple
failures of imagination.

Marcus Antoninus

Hermit heart

For as long as I remember
have I been a path-seeking,
out-of-place and often weird,
hermit-like introvert.

Forced to socialize by convention,
but by nature drawn to bare contemplation.
Enjoying the charms of conversation,
but mostly thriving in thought and reflection.

Only after half a life
of growth and learning
did I find a dancing balance
between duty to my fellow humans,
and that innermost need
for silence and solitude.

Peace, at last.

Marcus Antoninus