Embracing our nature

I can’t and won’t anymore
Pretend I am something else
Rather than this humble introvert.
As a good man in need of solitude
I see there is then no better way
Of projecting a bright future for us
Than better knowing ourselves,
Building upon our strengths,
Smoothing out those pesky rough spots,
And taking into account
Those special needs of ours.
Lets stay close
While giving us space
To be.

Marcus Antoninus



what is this string
that happens to resonate
at most inappropriate times?
a flat, minor tune
pushing me down roads
I seldom wish to take
through time and space
across ancient landscapes
left behind long ago
faces and conversations
strange coincidences
a few bright moments
some unwise decisions
a remark or little action
that should have best kept undone
paths that bifurcate
echoes that linger
learning to live is hard
no point wishing to have been wise
I can only choose and aspire
to do better today.

Marcus Antoninus

Magnum visum

Reflecting on matters of life and death,
purpose and chance, relations with others,
and the many turns of life,
a life mostly wonderful, sometimes hard,
but all too often plainly absurd.
Of all the words I could think of
I just kept coming back to these ones,
a clarity I could not rival nor surpass,
written from the perspective of age,
wisdom and experience, and the highest power
someone at that time could attain on Earth.
Let the words just flow then,
as they were written eighteen centuries ago
by that great soul, wise among the wise,
dear Marcus, admired teacher,
please speak, I am here listening …

Look down from a height
on the countless herds of men,
and their countless rituals,
and their various journeys
through storm and calm,
and the many different beings who are born,
live together, and are gone.
Imagine the life lived by others long ago,
and the life that will be lived
after your departure
and the life that is lived
at this very moment
among alien peoples,
and how many are not even aware of your name,
and how many will soon forget it,
and how many who now praising you
will very soon be deriding you;
and reflect that neither remembrance
nor fame nor anything else whatever
is worth a passing thought.

Marcus Aurelius “Meditations”, book 9, verse 30.

Making virtue my path

virtue path

I chose silence and simplicity to make my home
not because some priests or prophets told me so
but because I felt the less I have the happier I am.

I chose to deeply connect to life and by Nature abide
not because some books or gurus told me so
but out of realization that She is all there is.

I chose to ditch the straitjackets of ritual, dogma and fear
not because I am a hopeless rebel (although perhaps I am)
but because I saw that blind obedience is tool for evil control.

I chose love, compassion and understanding for my social life
not because some customs and laws may say so
but out of sincere appreciation of who we are and what we need.

All my life I tended my garden and served the greater good
if when my final hour comes I meet whatever gods out there,
in all modesty, they won’t have much to complain about.

Go on dear friend, listen to your own noble heart you too,
it is surely full of sincere goodness, you are not sheep in a herd,
be your own shepherd, and make your own virtuous spiritual path.

Marcus Antoninus


At home in the Universe
how could we not see and feel
the sacred essence of Nature
all around us, deep, wonderful and true!
Oh see and feel! She is all there is!
because Her rhythms pervade everything
because Her laws make no exceptions
because nothing escapes Her vast mesh
In and beyond time and space
She is the only realm
in which whatever did and will exist
can become and connect!
How could I ever express my devotion
using this my poor limited language
as I see, think and feel
Nature you are Being and Becoming
Nature you are the Way
Praised be Her,
Nature, our sacred Mother,
I am forever your devotee.

Marcus Antoninus


Lost and found in this world
This is what I got
This is what I became
Some strange and unique mesh
Of heart, spirit and mind
Of history, company, upbringing and luck
How could I ever pretend
That I am someone else?
How could I ever hide
Behind some curtain to fit in?
For better or worse
I now am who I am
The one who that child became
The seed of the one I will become

Marcus Antoninus

At home in wilderness

What else is tranquility
if not this gentle breeze
blowing lazily over the fresh mountain grass?
What else is purity
if not this cold meltwater stream
bringing life to whatever it touches?

Lost on remote mountain passes
living a life simple but full of meaning
amid granite, condors and glaciers
my heart becomes one with the planet
and I find my true self as part of something larger
as a gentle Sun shines upon my inner garden.

Marcus Antoninus