At home in the Universe
how could we not see and feel
the sacred essence of Nature
all around us, deep, wonderful and true!
Oh see and feel! She is all there is!
because Her rhythms pervade everything
because Her laws make no exceptions
because nothing escapes Her vast mesh
In and beyond time and space
She is the only realm
in which whatever did and will exist
can become and connect!
How could I ever express my devotion
using this my poor limited language
as I see, think and feel
Nature you are Being and Becoming
Nature you are the Way
Praised be Her,
Nature, our sacred Mother,
I am forever your devotee.

Marcus Antoninus


Author: Marcus Antoninus

Philosopher, poet and lover of life.

5 thoughts on “Creed”

    1. Thanks you for your comment. I have spent many hours reading the Tao and several taoists over the years. I cannot avoid that it that those teachings will transpire in my writing. It is indeed positive ☺


      1. There is no need to avoid, it is nature flowing in to your naturalness. All great books and poems provide a glimpse into the heart of their writer.❤️

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