Summits of the spirit


In aiming for glamorous summits
many have died, others lost limbs
but many more have succumbed
to their outrageous ego and greed!
How relieved I then feel
that early on I set myself the goal
to be in this world for the long haul
seeking not fame or fortune
but inner peace full of purpose
for a love that lasts and transcends
the greatest achievement
someone alive can ever make
that elusive conquest of the self
the golden harvest of the spirit.

Marcus Antoninus


Author: Marcus

Philosopher, poet and lover of life.

11 thoughts on “Summits of the spirit”

  1. I often wonder that too, why people find a purpose in ego to climb a mountain, or to do an adventurous act and to die for the fame. Is also pure stupidity for people to admire and to encourage these selfish behavior of leaving their love one and family behind when they die. The real hero to me are those who fight for people/animal/environment benefits, who fight for our real ‘freedom’ to live in a world that worth living.

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