Senseless nostalgia

If only I had the slightest wisdom
I would have pursued the great Way at once,
never regretting, never going astray.
But I dreamed too much, what a tumultuous child!
instead of enjoying and staying calm.
Being nothing more than a simple human,
my life turned a maze of turns and twists,
like a mountain path, like a very old tree.
Only late, very late, did I came to rest,
after too much unnecessary toil
with a basket full of mature fruit.
How much I learned? how much I changed?
How much a better person at last I became!
Although enriched by this progress
I often cannot help but feel,
a deep nostalgia, a sense of loss,
for what in blindness I left behind,
for the many doors I closed,
and although I can now understand,
I can’t simply erase and forget
the echoes of those thousand paths,
the many lives I did not fully live.

Marcus Antoninus


Author: Marcus Antoninus

Philosopher, poet and lover of life.

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