Two years of sunshine

Dear readers, fellow poets, philosophers and lovers of life,

Today marks the second anniversary of Sunshine upon my inner garden. This post is a little celebration of that milestone.

This adventure got started after the realisation that it was worth to share thoughts and reflections, both mine and by those poets I admire, instead of just keeping them buried in my notebooks. After very long hesitation, I finally started one good day by posting my top favourite poem, “Returning to live in the country“, by T’ao Yuan-Ming. That was the first step along a joyful path that continues until this day, and that has no end in sight.

Writing this blog has since the start been a source of immense joy and pleasure. From the implicit gratification of posting poems and pictures, to the invaluable experience of exchanging insights and inspiration with you, the myriad of sensitive, wise and intelligent humans from all around the world. To all of you, a big thank you, for your poetry, your art, your kindness and attention. I am looking forward to continue reading you all here, sharing thoughts and insights and, hopefully, mutually illuminating our paths through life.

May the gentle Sun shine upon your gardens!

Marcus Antoninus


Author: Marcus Antoninus

Philosopher, poet and lover of life.

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