Growing pains

Has anyone ever left this life
unscathed by misfortune and mistakes?
Has anyone managed to get free
of the swirls of inner confusion?

In an unforgiving world,
friends few, indifference rife.
Regret and remorse are unhelpful,
and oblivion, just silly consolation.

Without options other than to grow
out of clumsiness and failures
I accept the verdict of my reflection,
forgive myself and move on

with humility, patience and hope.

Marcus Antoninus


Author: Marcus

Philosopher, poet and lover of life.

2 thoughts on “Growing pains”

  1. We have to learn to rise above these unfortunate rites of passage. Despite failure or accomplishment if they weather us into being better people I suppose the price was worth it. Well, maybe not worth it and oppressively costly but could not avoid the price.

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