Reminder to myself

Keep calm and composed,
and faithful to yourself.
With your ruling center clear,
a cool mind no matter the noise,
persevering along your path to sagehood.

These are self-strengthening measures.
Practice until they become a part of your nature.
In all circumstances.
And the benefits will spill over
you and the world around you.

Marcus Antoninus


Author: Marcus

Philosopher, poet and lover of life.

8 thoughts on “Reminder to myself”

    1. Thanks, Max. This is something I wrote many years ago, a reminder of how I wish to behave. Not that I behave this way, but at least what I am aiming at. I read a lot of Taoist, Buddhist and Stoic sources, so, in some way, this is a sort of syncretic philosophy.


  1. Yes, I have variously been attracted by all three myself as well as by panentheism and, of course, Zen. Look forward to following each other’s musings!


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