Working my fields

after the mists of dawn finally vanish away
a benign sun now warms my heart
and unploughed fields lie open ahead of me
sitting at last in sovereign possession of myself
there is no more fear or confusion
there is no more treading on thin ice
and although midday has already passed for me
there are seeds to be sown
there are crops awaiting my tender care
desiring nothing more than enough
I gladly face what time is left of my day
I will calmly endure, working my fields
until the last darkness embraces me

Marcus Antoninus


Author: Marcus

Philosopher, poet and lover of life.

8 thoughts on “Working my fields”

    1. It is of course my pseudonym, and sometimes I think this choice has not been a very creative idea. It was born out of my admiration for Marcus Aurelius and the following passage in book 6 of his “Meditations” (I believe is number 31), which reflects my aspirations of character and I also treasure as a guide:

      “Do everything as a disciple of Antoninus. Remember his constancy in every act which was conformable to reason, and his evenness in all things, and his …, and the serenity of his countenance, and his sweetness, and his disregard of empty fame, and his efforts to understand things; and how he would never let anything pass without having first most carefully examined it and clearly understood it; and how he bore with those who blamed him unjustly without blaming them in return; how he did nothing in a hurry; and how he listened not to calumnies, and how exact an examiner of manners and actions he was; and not given to reproach people, nor timid, nor suspicious, nor a sophist; and with how little he was satisfied, such as lodging, bed, dress, food, servants; and how laborious and patient; … and his firmness and uniformity in his friendships; and how he tolerated freedom of speech in those who opposed his opinions; and the pleasure that he had when any man showed him anything better; and how …. Imitate all this that thou may have as good a conscience, when thy last hour comes, as he had. ”

      Not that I do behave in this way, of course, just have this as a guiding star towards which I set the course of my ship. Trying to also be a true disciple of Antoninus.


  1. “sovereign possession of myself”

    For most this is only momentary at best. In today’s world of political and economic servitude, I am not sure this is ever possible. As I’ve grown older I feel less and less in charge of my own destiny. They say I have my exclusive spirituality but we live in this world not the spirit world and that’s no consolation. .

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